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Winter Wellness Retreat

Mini Retreat to Embrace Seasonal Transitions

  • 49 New Zealand dollars
  • Flow Wellbeing, Earth Studio, 229 Fitzgerald Ave

Service Description

Winter Wellness Mini Retreat: Embracing the Seasonal Transition Step into the embrace of winter's tranquility at our Winter Wellness Mini Retreat, taking place on Sunday, 9th June, from 6:15 to 8:15 PM. As the seasons shift and the chill of winter settles in, join us for an evening dedicated to nurturing your well-being and cultivating inner warmth. Amidst the cozy ambiance, this retreat offers a sanctuary where you can gracefully transition into the winter season. Delve into a carefully curated blend of yoga, meditation, and a soul-soothing sound bath, each element designed to support your journey towards holistic wellness. Start your experience with gentle yoga postures tailored to align with the energy of winter. Embracing the slower pace of this season, allow your body to open and unwind, releasing any stiffness accumulated in the colder months. Through mindful movement and deep breathing, you'll foster a sense of grounding and vitality, preparing yourself for the season ahead. Transition seamlessly into Yoga Nidra, where you'll be guided on a journey of inner exploration and reflection. As nature begins its slumber, delve into the depths of your consciousness, shedding light on areas of growth and transformation. Harness the stillness of winter to cultivate resilience and bring a sense of inner peace that will sustain you through the darker days. Finally, surrender into a rejuvenating sound bath, where the vibrations of crystal singing bowls wash over you like a warm winter breeze. Let go of any lingering tension or worry as you immerse yourself in the healing power of sound, allowing it to replenish your spirit and restore balance to your being. As you emerge from this retreat, may you carry with you a renewed sense of vitality, resilience, and inner warmth, ready to embrace the beauty and serenity of the winter season. Join me for an evening of self-care and soulful connection, and let the magic of winter envelop you in its gentle embrace.

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Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact me at least 12 hours in advance

Contact Details

021 208 1252

Hillsborough, Christchurch, New Zealand

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